Are Dental Implants Safe?

//Are Dental Implants Safe?

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Dental Implants | Best Dental Implant Centre in Bangalore

Dental Implants | Best Dental Implant Centre in Bangalore

Best Dental Implant Centre in Bangalore | Nelivigi Dental Clinic

The success rate of dental implant is up to 98% and hence dental implants are quickly becoming the tooth replacement option of choice for many patients. Not only dentist replace missing tooth roots and avoid further bone loss, but implants do not cause damage to the surrounding teeth either.

So, now a very important question arises. Are all suitable candidates for dental implants?

So, are dental implants safe?

In order to be suitable for the implants procedure, your dentist will require you to meet certain eligibility criteria. Your dentist is not likely to perform the surgery if there are any signs that your body might reject the implant.

Some of the important factors that could reduce you ineligible for dental implants include

  • Chronic conditions like diabetes
  • Degenerative bone diseases
  • Heavy smoking
  • Gum disease.

Your dentist will check if you have any sensitivity or allergic to metals like iron, nickel, copper, lead or zinc, you probably won’t be considered as a candidate for dental implant

What makes you a good Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order for you to be suitable for implant surgery, you will need

  • Good bone density & Healthy gums
  • A mouth that is free of cavities
  • To be a non-smoker

What are the risk factors should be aware of ?

An dental implant is not considered successful until it has fused fully with your jawbone .For most people, this can take a number of months to complete. The surgery is typically completed in different stages, in order to give your jaw suitable time to heal, so it is important that each stage is completed successfully.


There are chances that there may be some infection at the implant site. It is very important that there should not be any infection before dental implant.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Implants | Best Dental Implant Centre in Bangalore

Implants | Best Dental Implant Centre in Bangalore

Every surgery does have some risk so it is with dental implants also. In your past if you have experienced any problems with anaesthetic, you should inform this with your dentist.

Dental implants replace the tooth at the root so it has long term benefits. If compared to dental bridges and denture dental implant has more benefits.

Dental-implant-supported teeth will have nearly the full chewing power like natural teeth. We are not going to miss any other natural tooth

Unlike like bridge or denture , dental implant does not cause any damage to adjutant tooth

Dental implant also prevent further bone loss from taking place, as the force the roots exert on your jaw actually stimulate the tissue, rather than letting it deteriorate.

In Long term, dental implants are also easier to clean than dentures and bridges.

Do you have more queries about the safety of your dental implants’ procedure? Contact our clinic today and speak to a professional.

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