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Nelivigi Dental Clinic  is a multi specialty dental clinic par excellence.

The team of doctors (consultants) here are all doctors with extensive experience and dedicated to Quality dental care. All specialized treatment are done by sub-specialists in their respective area of expertise.

Best Dental Clinic Near Me | Best Dentist Near Me . Nelivigi Dental Clinic have the expertise and infrastructure to do complex dental and maxillofacial surgeries which only a handful of Best Dental hospitals in Bangalore can offer. We have state-of-the-art Operation Theatre for dental surgeries equipped with Laminar Flow and High sterility HEPA filters. The Operation Theatre is of International Standards. Sterilization protocols followed here are noteworthy. We have best in industry, B Class autoclave with which we sterilize ALL instruments which are used not only in surgery but even for a simple dental examination. Best Dental Clinic Near Me | Best Dentist Near Me, at Nelivigi Dental Clinic our dentists make sure of proper sterilization comparable with the best sterilization practices in the world that essentially need to be adhered to. We are very particular that we maintain these standards without any compromise. The number of infections being transmitted by the dental clinics (Iatrogenic Infections) is very high and Nelivigi Dental Clinic is committed to its reduction.

Best Dental Clinic Near Me | Best Dentist Near Me . Nelivigi Dental Clinic dentist will believe in quality dental care and are dedicated to patient satisfaction and hence the establishment has the Logo ‘Smiles forever’…….

What matters to us are smiles that last forever and a smile that becomes infectious. All our years of struggle feels worth it when we see the smile on the patients face when he leaves our clinic. Best Dental Clinic Near Me | Best Dentist Near Me – Nelivigi Dental Clinic dentist has the personal care and attention that you get here will make you feel at home and develop a bond of trust which you may not get everywhere.

Best Dental Clinic Near Me | Best Dentist Near Me . Nelivigi Dental Clinic dentists vision is to give compassionate, prompt and  Evidence  based Dental care to the patients

Our Story

Best Dental Clinic Near Me | Best Dentist Near Me. Our Nelivigi Dental Clinic is mainly speciaized for braces treatments. Director of the Nelivigi Dental clinic Dr Nandini Nelivigi is an Orthodontist herself so you have an in-house orthodontist to cater to your needs always unlike in other clinics where the Orthodontist is visiting and you need to wait for the next appointment.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Nandini Nelivigi completed her BDS in the year 1997 and MDS in the year 2001 securing SECOND rank at the University during Graduation and TOPPING Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences during Post Graduation.

She has worked as a teacher in different Dental colleges for a period of 15 years and served as a Post Graduate teacher, Guide and Examiner for various Universities in India.

During her tenure she has presented Scientific Papers at various National level conferences and has a number of Publications in National and International journals.

She has been the recipient of various awards at Graduate and Post Graduate levels


  • Stood FIRST for Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

  • BEST OUTGOING STUDENT AWARD – 2001, Department of Orthodontics and Dento facial Orthopedics, College of Dental Sciences


  • IDA PRESIDENT’S AWARD for highest marks in the subject of General Surgery: 1995-96

  • G.K. GHORPADE AWARD for highest marks in the subject of Oral Surgery: 1996-97

  • KUM. PADMANAYANA SHETTY MEMORIAL AWARD for highest marks in Orthodontics: 1996-97

  • SRI. M.J. CHANDRASHEKAR & SMT.JAYALAKSHMI AWARD for highest marks in Prosthodontics: 1996-97

  • BEST OUTGOING STUDENT MEMBER, IDA, Kuvempu University – 1996-1997

  • BEST OUTGOING STUDENT MEMBER, IDA, Karnataka state branch-1996-1997

  • BEST OUTGOING STUDENT AWARD –1998, College of Dental Sciences, Davangere

  • She has been in practice since 2002 with 16 years of experience as an Orthodontist and 20 years as a General dentist.
  • She is certified in Invisalign, lingual braces and aesthetic braces

  • She is a member of associations like the Indian Dental Association, Indian Orthodontic Society

  • She has undergone extensive training in the field of Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Laser Treatment

  • She is Oriented towards providing quality dental care for everyone.

I can smile with complete confidence! I can’t now imagine ever being concerned about appearing in photos. It’s just been a new lease of life. Thank you.

Vivek Kumar

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