Post Treatment Care After a Root Canal

//Post Treatment Care After a Root Canal

Post Treatment Care After a Root Canal

Top Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore | Root Canal | Nelivigi Dental

Top Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore | Nelivigi Dental

Top Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore | Nelivigi Dental Clinic

Once we are done with root canal, the most important thoughts comes to our mind as how to care for your teeth as your gums and mouth heal. So lets us discuss some important tips that may help you to recover as quickly as possible and you can enjoy your good oral health.

Root Canal

Understanding about the root canal and its importance will help us to understand as how to take care of your teeth after a root canal. The gums and jaw are connected to the root of the tooth. Because of infection or injury you may have abscess (pocket of infection around the root of your tooth).This may lead to tooth decay that may reach to pulp of the tooth.

Root canal is the process where the dentist clean out the infected area and do a special filling to seal the canal.

What to expect immediately after a root canal

Once the Root canal is over your dentist will send you home with instructions for pain management and tips as how to care for your tooth while recovering from treatment

During the Root canal treatment usually dentist may use some medication to  numb your mouth . Once the effect of this medication is over you may feel some tenderness in the area for a few days and little mild soreness in your jaw.

Usually these symptoms are temporary and it can be managed by pain killers.

You may feel small difference between the treated teeth and the normal teeth for some time but you should contact your dentist immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain lasting more than few days
  • Swelling inside or outside the mouth and it is visible
  • Allergic reaction like rash, hives or itching
  • If you’re temporally crown or filling comes out

Oral hygiene after a root canal

A good oral hygienic is very important after root canal treatment

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss once a day
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash regularly to maintain the health of your teeth.

Once the root canal and other procedure is over, you need to follow up with you dentist as advised. This will help your dentist to evaluate the condition of your teeth. Once everything is fine and has healed you can resume your daily life .Regular appointments for cleanings and checkups are very important so don’t miss it

A good oral hygiene routine will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums for years into the future.

Possible root canal complications to watch for

Top Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore | Possible root canal complications

Top Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore | Possible root canal complications

The success rate of root canal is about 95% and it is very safe. However something we may develop some complication like

  • Sometime the tooth has many roots than the dentist expects , because of which one root may remain untreated. In such scenario you may feel the pain because still the infection will be there. So if you still have some symptoms what you had before the root canal treatment , inform your dentist immediately
  • Dentist use sealant during root canal treatment. Sometime it break and this allow bacteria to reach inside the tooth and cause infection and complication
  • In very rare case, there’s a crack in the root of the tooth that goes unseen. Consult your dentist if feel pain after few days

“Root canal treatment is very safe and vast majority of root canals are routine. Most patients return to their normal activities the next day” says  Dr. Nandini Nelivigi

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