The advantages of using invisalign:

  1. No metal display
  2. More confident smile as you go through your treatment
  3. No restrictions on how and what you eat
  4. No restrictions on travel
  5. Less no of appointments with the orthodontics
  6. No break in the continuity of treatment
  7. Less discomfort
  8. Literally inconspicuous
  9. No alteration in speech
  10. No ulcers in mouth due to pricking or piercing of wires
  11. Easier maintenance of oral hygiene
  12. Esthetically far superior to metal brackets

The only requirement from the patient is COMPLIANCE. One needs to wear the appliance 20-22 hrs in a day without fail, failing which the appliance will not work.

How does the system work??

The Invisalign system straightens your teeth gently yet effectively and is virtually invisible making it the most sort after Orthodontic appliance.

You can take a free smile assessment appointment at Nelivigi Dental Clinic for Invisalign. Your smile will be assessed and you will be told about what needs to be corrected and your concerns will be answered.

If you are interested in knowing more about your treatment with Invisalign an i-tero scan can be arranged for you at your time and date of convenience.

Once the scan is done it immediately on the chair side gives you a simulated outcome of correction (60-70% probable correction). You can see your teeth getting corrected.

“Seeing is believing “

On your consent for starting invisalign the doctor would require the following

  1. Your x-rays
  2. Your photographs
  3. I tero scan

The same can be uploaded on the system to obtain what is called a clinchek which will show you the treatment result.The Clinchek will be discussed with you and on your approval the same will be approved and accepted by the doctor. Then the manufacturing of the aligners begin and it may take about 2-3 weeks for the aligners to reach us.

The aligners are made of smart track material which has memory effect and help teeth move.

You may also get some attachments on the teeth and you will be informed by your doctor.

On receiving the aligners you will be called for an appointment for placement of the attachments and then begins your journey of INVISALIGN towards a better smile and a better tomorrow…..

If you think your smile the increase your confidence and give you a moral boost up you should definitely  drop into Nelivigi Dental Clinic for a free smile assessment TODAY…..