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The whole world is shook by COVID-19 which is the infectious disease caused by the coronavirus.

How does COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 spreads mainly by droplets produced as a result of coughing or sneezing of a COVID-19 infected person. This can happen in two ways:

◆ Direct close contact: one can get the infection by being in close contact with COVID-19 patients (within one Meter of the infected person), especially if they do not cover their face when coughing or sneezing.

◆ Indirect contact: the droplets survive on surfaces and clothes for many days. Therefore, touching any such infected surface or cloth and then touching one’s mouth, nose or eyes can transmit the disease.

Many dental procedures require use of water and air pressure. These procedures tend to spread droplets of saliva in the air. Hence, if a covid positive patient is treated in a dental office it can act as a source of infection to the dental staff and other patients entering the dental office.

However some dental procedures are an emergency to be attended to. If left untreated they can become severe. So here is what you have to do in such situations:

  1. Try to make a video consult with the dentist to know if some medications can be taken and the pain controlled. Also to know how good or bad it is to hold on with the treatment.
  2. If inevitable you will have to visit the dentist
  3. Some home remedies:
  • In case of severe pain one can take a pain killer before making a visit to the dentist
  • Give a cold compress to the area. Use ice packs on the cheek or drink and eat cold items like an ice cream to give you temporary relief.
  • You could also use clove oil in the area of tooth pain. Since clove acts as a topical anesthetic it could give you some relief.

Tips to take care of your dental health

  • Do not skip brushing twice a day.
  • You must rinse your mouth well aster every meal.
  • You can also use a mouthwash after every meal to tackle unwanted particles in your mouth. Rinse for 30 seconds before you spit out.
  • Massage your gums in a circular motion to ensure gums are healthy.
  • Do not skip the process of tongue cleaning.

Due to the pandemic, it is important to ensure maximum oral hygiene.

In case you have to meet the dentist

  1. Make a prior appointment
  2. Please wear a mask when you go to the clinic
  3. Main social distancing
  4. Use hand sanitizer when you are out
  5. Keep washing your hands whenever possible for 20 seconds

Taking the necessary precautions should help you maintain a good oral hygiene even in the difficult times of Pandemic.

Wishing you happy smiles always.

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