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Best Dental Hospital Near Me In Bellandur |Dental Emergencies

Best Dental Hospital Near Me In Bellandur | Dental Emergencies

Best Dental Hospital Near Me in Bellandur | Nelivigi Dental Clinic

Tooth pain may be quite intolerable as the tooth is embedded in bone and there is no easy escape for the infection. However, there are not many situations requiring dental emergency care. Hence it is wise to be aware of the times and what to do in such situations.

1. Avulsed tooth: Injury that happens to the tooth when the tooth is expelled out of its socket can happen in many sport related injuries or accidents. When a tooth comes out of its socket, DO NOT PANIC!! You are required to pick the tooth by its crown (do not touch the root area). Lightly rinse the tooth is fresh water in a bowl (do not use tap or running water). Place the tooth back in its socket the right way if not; carry the tooth under your tongue or in a bowl of cold milk. It would be wise to reach a dentist at the earliest since; the prognosis of re-implantation will be good when the procedure is done within 30 mins of the injury.

2. Severe tooth pain: This usually is a consequence of dental decay.

When the decay gets very deep and reaches the pulp or the vital part of the tooth, severe pain begins. In case the pain begins at night hours then you can apply clove oil. Clove oil contains a chemical called eugenol which is a surface anesthetic and antiseptic. You can also pop in a pain killer. Take a dental appointment the immediate next day and meet the dentist. In case of an abscess, the tooth may require something called root canal treatment. RCT will help you save the tooth.

3. Tooth fracture involving the pulp: An untoward excessive force falling on a tooth may fracture it. Like trying to open the cap of a bottle with your teeth or a small pebble in food or an accident or hit or fall etc., Give a cold compress, do not eat anything hot and hard, you can also take a pain killer. Consult your dentist at the earliest when depending on the kind of injury various treatments like RCT or extraction may be suggested.

4. TMJ dislocation: Tempero-mandibular joint or the joint of the lower jaw with the cranium is a joint that may dislocate like any other joint in the body. Especially for people who have less tonicity of the masticatory muscles this becomes a chronic problem. Dislocation of TMJ may happen as u yawn with your mouth open too wide and you will not be able to close your mouth. In case such a thing happens you need to go to the emergency room and meet a doctor to get it fixed. The earlier the better, if not the muscles may go into spasm.

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Dental Problems | Best Dental Hospital Near Me In Bellandur

5. Orthodontic emergencies: Although all your wire and brackets will be taken care of by your orthodontist at the ortho visit there might be situations when the wire becomes pricky and bothersome. You can apply orthodontic wax (or chewing a gum and sticking it) on the pricky part of the wire can be useful. If a bracket comes loose then please carry it with you when you meet your orthodontist.

6. Cellulitis due to dental infection: Sometimes dental infections with an abscess in the periapical area if not attended to can spread to the facial spaces and area around causing cellulitis. There will be diffuse, tense and painful swelling in the face. The infection in the upper jaw can cause peri-orbital (around the eyes) swelling and infection of the lower jaw can cause airway blockage in severe situations. The regional lymph adenopathy will also be noted.  Patient may have associated fever. In such a situation it is required that you get medical attention at the earliest. Incision and drainage, extraction of the tooth and IV antibiotic therapy may be required. If left unattended, the situation may even turn fatal.

7. Peri-coronitis: As the wisdom tooth starts erupting, the gum tissue covering the tooth may be inflamed and swollen. Patient may feel that he is biting on the gums because of this swelling, restricted mouth opening or the pain radiating to the neck and temporal area. In such a situation it is required that you meet the dentist. If need be the peri-coronal flap may be excised or the tooth surgically removed and you may be put on antibiotic course.

In all of the situations it is required that you meet the dentist at the earliest and do what you are instructed so that you continue to have a healthy and happier smile all through.

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