Podcast – Best Dental Implant in Bangalore

//Podcast – Best Dental Implant in Bangalore

Podcast – Best Dental Implant in Bangalore

All dentists try their best to save a tooth up to their last best opportunity. However, there might come a situation when the tooth has to be removed. The causes for extraction could be varied from

  1. Grossly destructed tooth due to dental caries
  2. Periodontally compromised tooth (mobility)
  3. Fractured tooth etc.,

Once a tooth is pulled outcomes the question, what happens if you do not replace the missing tooth and how to replace it. The teeth are stable in a position only when they are in contact. If there is no adjacent or opposing tooth the teeth migrate until they make a contact. Hence not replacing a missing tooth jeopardizes the health of 2 adjacent and at least 1 opposing tooth. In order to maintain the health of the teeth, gum, alveolar bone and generally oral health we have to replace a missing tooth.

What are the ways of replacing a missing tooth?

There are basically 3 ways of replacing a missing tooth.

  1. Removable partial denture
  2. Dental Bridge
  3. Dental Implant

In Today’s Podcast, Dr. Nandini Nelivigi, Best Dental Implant Specialist in Bangalore, is going to brief us about Dental Implants and its procedure treatments options.

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