Achieve Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry By Dr. Nandini Nelivigi

In today's podcast Dr. Nandini Nelivigi explained you about Cosmetic Dentistry and how to achieve Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Advantages of Invisalign over Regular braces

Invisalign are clear aligners used for orthodontic treatment. The aligners are a series of invisible, removable orthodontic appliances that fit over your teeth. Your teeth are 3D scanned and the appliance is custom made on your teeth to guarantee a perfect fit. In order to get the smile you always wanted, simply wear the aligner every day for at least 21 hours. They are only taken off to eat, drink, brush and floss.

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Tooth Sensitive To Hot Or Cold? What It Means And How To Ease

In this podcast, Dr. Nandini Nelivigi explains you what causes sensitive teeth and why does someone teeth develop sensitivity??

Mouth Ulcers (canker sores)

An ulcer is a breach in the continuity of skin or mucous membrane deeper than the erosion. Ulcers are quite commonly noted in the oral cavity probably because the mucous membrane is a thinner lining than skin. They get easily affected by mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical and radiation insults. Common ulcers in the mouth are: 1. Traumatic ulcers 2. Aphthous stomatitis 3. Infections 4. Drug-induced 5. Allergy 6. Malignancies

Podcast – Best Dental Implant in Bangalore

In Today’s Podcast, Dr. Nandini Nelivigi, Best Dental Implant Specialist in Bangalore, is going to brief us about Dental Implants and its procedure treatments options.

Podcast – 5 Things that can be magical in a good oral health

In Today’s Podcast, Dr. Nandini Nelivigi Best Dentist in Bangalore, is going to brief us about 5 Things that can be magical in a good oral health.

Hair line fractures of the tooth

Hairline fractures of the tooth or cracked tooth are one of the main reasons for a person to seek dental treatment. Causes: Teeth with large fillings High pressure from the opposing tooth Accidents or blow to the teeth Abrupt changes in temperature Chewing on hard food like ice, candy, nuts, etc., Age

Tooth whitening / Dental bleaching

Tooth whitening is the process of lightening the shade of teeth. Whitening process may involve changing the intrinsic color of the tooth or removing the external stains on the teeth. What are bleaching agents and how do they work? Basically bleaching agents are either carbamide peroxide (10 to 44% concentration) or hydrogen peroxide (3 to 16% concentration). When Hydrogen peroxide reaches the tooth surface it penetrates inside where it acts as an oxidizing agent and breaks down into unstable free radicals. These free radicals bind to Organic pigmented molecules there by converting them into small less pigmented components. 

Missing Teeth? What are your options?

Listen carefully to this audio to know your options for replacing missing teeth by the Top Dentist in Bangalore - Dr. Nandini Nelivigi

Bruxism or Night Grinding

Bruxism is the unnecessary, excessive and unconscious grinding of teeth. It is an oral parafunctional activity. Causes: Usually, bruxism may be caused by stress and anxiety. However, things like an altered bite, missing teeth, malaligned teeth or disorders like sleep apnoea may also be the cause.